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Messenger Webview: Better Shopping Experience Using LazyChat



May 18, 2023


Do you want to offer a fast and convenient shopping experience to your customers? Well, if that is the case, you are in the right place. Because here you can have your solution. And that is LazyChat’s Webview. This tool can help you provide a fast and hassle-free shopping experience to your customers. Please keep reading to know in detail.

What Is Messenger Webview

At first, let’s find out what Webview is. You can open a standard Webview in messenger. Messenger Webview is a pop-up HTML window. It loads web pages inside Messenger. These are useful for displaying several functions. It allows you to load an entire webpage/website inside messenger. Showcasing products, services, and other information about your business can be more graphic and intuitive using messenger Webview. Just like a website, Webview can also be made functional when connected to a database, for example, for your online store, your customers will also be able to order products through Webview.

But there is a problem with that. A Webview consists of standard HTML code. So, you will have to know HTML coding. Or you will have to pay someone to do that. And this is extra trouble.

But we have a solution for you. With LazyChat, you get a predesigned Webview that will automatically be built for your Facebook page.


LazyChat is an all-in-one tool to simplify your online business on social media. When you connect your Facebook page to a LazyChat account your customers can view, order and purchase products by chatting with a bot. And the entire process is automated. Along with your customers, LazyChat can make things simpler for the business owner as well. The automated functions do extend to the business owners. The solution cuts a lot of cost and time in your operations.

LazyChat’s Webview:

Among a bunch of tools, Webview is one of the coolest features. Facebook already gives you functionalities to design and add a Webview to your Facebook page. But, for that, you need to know how to wrire a of codes or hire someone who can. But LazyChat has this feature built in, means all you need to do is connect your Facebook page and upload your products in LazyChat. And your Webview will be live!

Available Features of LazyChat Webview

All the features of LazyChat are designed to make your online business simpler and more fun. Using the Webview feature of LazyChat you get to sell your products in messenger.

Browse products
An Ecommerce like page will be loaded in your messenger. Your customers will be able to view your products in this Webview and get a smooth web experience. You can apply some customizations to your Webview shop.

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Featured products
You can feature some of your products on the homepage of your Webview. If you do that, that product will be featured on the first page. Which products you will feature at first depends on your business strategy. But I will advise you to feature the top-selling, new or discounted products. It will increase your sales.

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LazyChat creates different pages for all the product categories in your catalog. So the customers can search for their desired products from the specific category page. This way, your customers will not have to go through all the products. It will make things easier for your customers. So, they will come back and purchase more products from you.

Color & Theme Customization
Colors and themes may sound irrelevant to your business. But believe me, it’s not. For an online business, the themes, and color of the website are as important as the interior design is in a traditional shop. Now the good news is that you can customize the colors and themes of the pop-up. I will suggest you follow the theme of your website while customizing the pop-up.

Shopping and Checking out
After browsing the products, customers can cart products in the LazyChat Webview. Here, your customers will be able to check what they have added to the cart without going into the website. At any point in shopping, the customers can view their cart on the view cart page. After adding products to the cart, customers can directly check out from the LazyChat and the order details will be added to your order database. You can view the orders from your order panel in the LazyChat app.

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Ensure Better Shopping Experience With LazyChat’s Messenger Webview

Now you know what LazyChat Webview is, you know what you can do with it. But now, you may be wondering how it will help you. Just keep reading.

We can look at the benefits that LazyChat’s Webview will offer from two perspectives. From the perspective of the customer and the business owner. Let’s look at them:

Benefits for the Customer

At first, we will talk about the benefits you will give to the customers by having the function. These benefits will directly factor in the sales of your business. They are:

Simpler Product Browsing
LazyChat Webview will make it simpler to browse products for your customers. You see, your customers will not have to type the web address of your business in another browser, then get into the website and browse products there.

When they select the message option of your business, they will get the pop-up of your website. Your customers will be able to browse the products in the pop-up. They will also be able to look at the products categorically. Moreover, they can also get top-seller, discounted, or new products if you feature them. Overall, the browsing process will become much simpler.

Faster Order & Purchase
As I have already mentioned, LazyChat is an all one tool to simplify your online business. And the LazyChat Webview is a great tool for that. Your customers can access the product catalog of your business through the pop-up on Messenger.

The best thing is that they can browse, order, and purchase products through that pop-up on messenger. They will not have to go to the websites and order there. It makes ordering and purchasing products easier and faster than ever. And it will give your business the edge you can dream of.

Benefits for the Business Owner

Now, what benefits will you get? Frankly, a lot. Take a look at them now:

Decreased Operation Time & Cost
LazyChat Webview will decrease your operational time and cost by a wide margin. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, you will not need a code like you do while building the standard messenger Webview. So, the LazyChat Webview will take less time and comparatively less money just to get started.
  • Next, you will not have allocate your valuable time to interact with your customer. At least not on usual online business things. The bot will do that for you. So, it will be faster. Moreover, you will not have to hire staff to interact with customers. You will save a lot of money here.
  • The entire operation is automated. So, it will cost less time and money. We have established that. Now, what it will do is it will make your business efficient. And the more efficient your business is, the more profit it will generate for you.

Value For Money

LazyChat Webview will cost you money. But it will be of great value to you. It will give you a lot of benefits. Furthermore, the LazyChat Webview can come with an array of other functions with a little bit of extra money.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

We have talked about all the basic benefits that LayChat Webview will offer to both you and your customers. And it will culminate in great customer satisfaction. And no other asset is as valuable to a business as happy and satisfied customers are. If your customers are happy and satisfied, they will keep coming back to your business. And your business will flourish.


Now, we have come to the end. And the conclusion is, do purchase LasyChat Webview for your business. You will not regret that. And let us know about your experience in the comments.

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