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How To Build Customer Satisfaction For Online Business



May 18, 2023


While conveniences like online shopping and online reservations improve customer experiences up to a point, if the experience isn’t satisfying to the customer, it could turn them away and cause them to look elsewhere for their needs.

Therefore, a proactive approach to building customer satisfaction for online businesses is like watering your seed to grow it into a beautiful, well-structured tree.

Businesses should focus on improving their service quality by measuring their satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement for the proper road to success. Both customer experience and customer loyalty can be increased with great customer service. Hence, it is truly the key element to building your business.

Thus, we’ve come to curate an article on how to build customer satisfaction for online business and how it can potentially improve your ven


Responding to your customers will determine the majority of their experience with your business. Hence, below are a few of the pointers you must implement to see effective results in your customer service.

1. Structure A Responsive Team

The first step in improving customer satisfaction is to implement a team approach. A customer satisfaction team needs to be comprised of employees from all departments. Your customer expectations can be met when your team is responsive and thoughtful!

These employees must understand that the company is oriented towards their needs, rather than simply trying to increase profits by increasing customer service costs. A good team can relay good customer service that can hold lifetime value.

This ensures that all employees are working toward the same goal: to improve the overall experience for their customers. This is crucial in creating a positive relationship between the company and the consumer to ensure maximum customer engagement.

2. Utilize Social Management Tools to Make It Easy

The best option for boosting your sales and gaining excellent customer service is utilizing CRM. However, most CRM software can be a bit tricky to work with. Since there is plenty of CRM software in the market, we have the best one for you whether your business is small, medium, or large: LazyChat. LazyChat goes the extra mile to ensure all your services are supervised, manageable, and under the same tab without you having to go through the complications of CRM tools.

If you’re wondering how to use CRM for your online business, you’re not alone. Many people are trying to figure out how to make this software work for them. However, it can be confusing to know what to look for.

Luckily, a few basic tips will help you get started. The first tip in learning how to use CRM is figuring out your business’s needs. Some companies like LazyChat have a basic solution that provides basic contact management and sales features. This option allows you to manage data and track prospects and customers. You can also choose to display your products in a webview and one-page feature.

Hence, check out the integration capabilities of LazyChat that will surely leave you impressed. APIs or open-source approaches will allow you to plug in more services. If you’re looking for an integrated CRM for small businesses, be sure to check out the prices and the service for each package.

You should also make sure to look into the long-term costs of the software. It should be affordable, and the benefits should be worth the cost. If you’re using CRM for an online business like LazyChat, you can expect the costs to be affordable, and 100% worthy of your hard-earned money.

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4. Know How To Respond One-on-One

Many users want to talk personally rather than a bot when it comes to organic sales. Thus, you must learn how to respond to your customers for your online business. If your business has a call centre, make sure they’re well aware of your business protocols.

Whether it’s for general queries, placing orders, or even complaints – ensure to behave professionally yet humbly instead of losing your calm.

Try a friendly approach as opposed to a robotic way of texting. If the conversation goes well, you will have earned yourself a loyal customer!

4. Set Up A Feedback System

People love to hear about real experiences from people who have had a good experience with a company. They are more likely to believe these stories than their marketing messages. Ultimately, a happy customer will refer to your brand as a great one.

Thus, an actively responsive customer feedback system is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction. You can do so by the following pointers:

  • Set up google survey docs and send them to your customers for feedback.
  • Ask individual customers about their experience after every purchase.
  • If your business has social media handles, make sure to engage your customers by creating polls on what they’d like for you to introduce them to.
  • Set up a reward system for those who decide to record and post their experience with your business. For example, you can provide them with a small percentage of discount on their next order if their review is beneficial to you.
  • Ensure that your live-chat system has a feedback option where your customers get to rate their experience from 1-10.
  • Track your feedback under one dashboard using LazyChat: the best CRM tool in the market.

5. Respond to Negative Feedbacks

For ensuring you have the best customer service, you must handle negative feedback well. There will always be customers who don’t find your business perfect and come up with different sorts of negative feedback. Thus, it’s important to have protocols ready for every situation.

Suppose a customer has something negative to call out your business for; assure them that you’re taking the matter seriously. After resolving the issue, own up to your mistake and compensate them for their inconvenience. Reward them with discounts followed by their next order, or refund them for their damaged goods. Your customer relationship can be improved when you focus on taking your feedback well.

6. Get A Chatbot

The customer experience is becoming increasingly automated. In fact, a recent survey found that 43% of consumers expect e-Commerce companies to provide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The average wait time for human assistance is about one hour. Using chatbots to handle customer inquiries is an effective way to improve customer satisfaction. These systems will provide immediate responses and minimize the need for two-way human interaction.

As a result, companies should invest in implementing chatbots for customer service. The main advantage of using chatbots is that they can reduce the cost of hiring multilingual staff.

Further, if the company wants to provide 24/7 support, they can use chatbots to answer most of their customers’ questions. They can save money on labour costs. Thus, the benefits are numerous.


Thus, by following the six vital steps mentioned above, you can build customer satisfaction for your online business. Ensure to utilize LazyChat to decrease your sales cycle and increase the number of new customers coming in, all super manageable under one dashboard! Hence, till the next time, happy business-ing!

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