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How LazyChat Can Help You Organize Your Ecommerce In Social Media



May 18, 2023



Running a business is undoubtedly hard. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on so many things at once, often doing everything at once. LazyChat takes some load off you and gives you a breather so that you can worry less and give some of your focus on the business growth as you should.

LazyChat simplifies how you do your business. For the sake of simplicity, let’s divide your business flow into a few segments

Marketing > Order Management > Delivery > Customer retention

In addition, you need strong Customer Support across every stage of the flow.

Let us see how LazyChat fits into each of these segments.


There are no written, exact rules for marketing. It is the art of letting people know about your brand and enticing them to buy your products or services. See some features of LazyChat that can help get your marketing game up.


LazyChat is integrated with popular social platforms – Facebook and Instagram, and also with your website. LazyChat can also be integrated with SMS, Email, PBX. Also, you can connect your Shopify, WooCommerce too with LazyChat! Give your customers a unique opportunity to find your product and order them across the internet. This surely opens a whole new door of marketing opportunities.

Get the best output with strong digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the strongest means to get increased sales. When you couple it with LazyChat’s automated features, it can become a great combination. The combinations are limitless. Explore, experiment, and see what is fit for your business. Read our blog on how to level up your marketing with chatbots. 


LazyChat’s dashboard shows you an overview of how your business is running. If you run a special marketing campaign for a certain area or for a certain demographic, you can see the numbers and compare how you are doing. Using the dashboard efficiently will definitely help your marketing team.

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Order Management

After your targeted customers know that your products exist, they will place an order on your website. LazyChat specializes in taking those orders and can sort them automatically. See some features of LazyChat and how they can help you.

Your orders are sorted automatically!

LazyChat takes your orders on behalf of you. All you need to do is direct your customers to the inbox of your social channels. Customers can order directly from your inbox in a guided and interactive way. Once a customer places an order, you would be notified and ready to process the order. Sorting out your orders has never been easier.


One of the biggest shortcomings of doing business on social platforms is, customers cannot choose products as fast as they would on an ecommerce website. Webview is LazyChat’s answer to this problem. Now your customers can see all the available products on social media and can order just like they would on an ecommerce website.

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Robust catalog

It is very crucial for an ecommerce platform to have its products properly categorized. An organized catalog plays a vital role in a customer’s buying journey. LazyChat’s robust catalog is a tool that can help you properly categorize your products. Read how you can properly categorize the items of your shop.

FB shop

LazyChat connects with your Facebook Shop easily. All the products in your shop can be managed by LazyChat. Hence, relieving you from some time-consuming work.


Okay, let’s be honest here. LazyChat is not a product delivery company. Delivering your products is something you have to do by yourself. But what LazyChat can do is simply reduce the hassle of the process.

Delivery status update

After the purchase, LazyChat can send customers the status of their order. Let them know in which phase their order is.

Customer Retention

After a customer has completed his purchase, it is crucial for a business to make sure that they come back to your shop for another purchase. Customer retention makes your business sustainable in the long run and helps you get a loyal customer base.

Customer management

LazyChat has a very versatile customer management system. You have the access to any customer who ordered on your platform. Having a good customer support system has never been this easier.

Customer retargeting

LazyChat stores the customer data of anyone who interacted through your Facebook page. Simply export the customer list and use them to run retargeting ads.

Customer Support

Customer service is important to your business because it retains customers and gets more value from them. By providing the highest level of customer service, businesses reduce customer acquisition costs, develop loyalty that sends customers, serves as case studies, and provide ratings and reviews. Also, if your customers are happy, your wallet would be happy too!


How many hours did you spend replying to your customers on your social media? With LazyChat, you can simply set a certain set of FAQs and reply to your customers in seconds. Now you do not have to reply to almost 70-80% of your customer’s questions.

Automated replies

You can set certain keywords in LazyChat. When your customers type those keywords, they will be shown content related to it. Now, what keywords to set? That is totally up to you! Get creative!

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Comment automation

Similar to the previous feature, you can set keywords according to your business and reply to the comments of your business. You can also reply to the customer in their inbox and convert them through messages!


LazyChat is simply a tool for making your business easier. But it is a very powerful tool. LazyChat can make your life easier. Depending on how you use it and you utilize the tool, your business is guaranteed to grow exponentially.

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